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About eKSP

eKSP is a series of online courses for sharing Korea’s economic development experience with other countries, which aims to make Korea’s cases more accessible and understandable. The online contents of eKSP are designed to share Korea’s unique policies, implementation and outcomes, institution building process, and public projects that had contributed to Korea’s economic development.

The theme of each contents is selected from the reports for the KSP Modularization projects which have completeness and high demand from other countries. The contents cover comprehensive economic policies; Economic long-term and short-term planning, Administration and ICT, Agricultural policy, Health and Medicine, Industrial Development Humans Resources, Land Development, Environment. They are written and reviewed by experts from academic fields, policy makers with ample field experience.

They will be updated in an annual basis and developed in the cooperation with other International Organizations. All contents will be distributed for free for the purpose of assisting as many as policy makers and practitioners of partner countries to deeply understand Korean cases and come up with ideas for their own policies for economic development.

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance(MOSF) of the Republic of Korea launched the Knowledge Sharing Program(KSP), a new paradigm of development cooperation, in 2004. It aims at sharing its development know-how, assisting the partner countries and working toward lessening the knowledge divide. Since its establishment, KSP has grown in size and complexity, and has become a main channel for Korea’s knowledge sharing activities.

In collaboration with MOSF, KSP has three pillars as below;

Policy Consultation – Bilateral KSP

KSP provides policy consultation centered on the needs of partner countries. KSP consultants, with years of experience and expertise, work hand-in-hand with policy maker and practitioners of partner countries. KSP is a joint program based on collaborative research, training and consultation. The KSP Policy Consultation is lead by Korea Development Institute(KDI).

Joint Consulting with International Organizations(IOs) - Multilateral KSP

The Joint Consulting with IOs connects lessons learned from Korea’s development experience with IOs’ development consulting expertise. KSP consultants and IO teams work together to further enhance the implementation of IO’s technical assistance/cooperation projects. This program has been carried out by the Korea EXIMbank under MOSF since 2011.

KSP Modularization

Modularization is a project to create a comprehensive set of knowledge contents that systematically document Korea’s development experience for effective knowledge sharing. The content areas include economic policy, administration. ICT, agricultural policy, health and medicine, industrial development, human resources, land development and environment. The modularized documents will be used ad preliminary materials for designing and implementing the policy consultations as well as other knowledge-oriented development cooperation programs.
About KSP